European Commission adopts EU Global Health Strategy


The European Commission has adopted a new EU Global Health Strategy which aims to improve global health security, defining the role and responsibility of the EU in the in tackling key global challenges and health inequalities. The strategy positions global health as an essential pillar of EU external policy and as an external dimension of the European Health Union. It also puts forward three interrelated priorities:

• Delivering better health and well-being of people across the life course

• Strengthening health systems and advancing universal health coverage

• Preventing and combatting health threats, including pandemics, applying a One Health approach.

The strategy seeks to support the universal health-related targets in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on achieving universal health coverage, strengthening primary health care and tackling the root causes of ill-health, such as poverty and social inequalities. In addition, it identifies three key enablers for better health, namely digitalisation, research, and a skilled labour force, outlining concrete actions to make progress in these areas.