The eBRAIN-Health Public and Patient Advisory Group members gather online for their second project consultation!


On Tuesday 14 March, members of the eBRAIN-Health Public and Patient Advisory Group, Lilo (Germany), José (Spain), Fernando (Spain), Eileen (UK) and Julie (UK), met online for their second consultation about the project. The meeting was also attended Dianne Gove (Director for Projects at Alzheimer Europe), and facilitated by Daphné Lamirel (Project Officer at Alzheimer Europe). Conversations revolved around the EU Commission's proposed EU AI Act, and its current limitations. The members' feedback will serve to develop a critical analysis of the Act and guidelines for researchers on how AI systems such as digital brain twins can be designed and developed more ethically. The next meeting of the Group is due to take place before the summer - its focus will be on issues related to ethics, terminology and eBRAIN-Health public outreach material.