The eBRAIN-Health Public and Patient Advisory Group members gather online for another consultation about the project!


On 21 September, members of the eBRAIN-Health Public and Patient Advisory Group, José (Spain), Fernando (Spain), Eileen (UK) and Julie (UK), met online for a consultation about the project. The meeting was facilitated by Daphné Lamirel (Project Officer) and also attended by Dianne Gove (Director for Projects). The discussions centred around discussing various ethical concerns about the eBRAIN-Health project, namely the issue of what qualities may make digital brain twins more or less human-like, and the potential use of digital brain twins in situations where people may lack decision-making capacity. The second part of the session was dedicated to the issues related to privacy and how group members feel about sharing their data in the context of AI-related research. The discussions were very active – members provided a range of different perspectives and interesting examples. We look forward to meeting in person in Luxembourg in November to continue discussing the eBRAIN-Health project.