Alzheimer Portugal hosts its annual conference online


On 15 November 2022, the Annual Conference of Alzheimer Portugal took place. This year, still online, under the title “Avanços e Desafios na Demência – Inovação e Acesso a Cuidados” (Dementia Advancements and Challenges – Innovation and Access to Care). The main topics were: Public Politics, Research, People with Dementia Empowerment, Legal and Ethical Issues. These are the four mains topics Alzheimer Portugal chose for its conference programme as they are, in their opinion, the foundation for interventions of quality and to be able to promote the dignity of people with dementia and formal and informal carers. Alzheimer Portugal had the opportunity to speak about its “Manifesto” for a national integrated approach to Alzheimer´s and other dementias, named “Pela Memória Futura” (for the future memory) and explained why they need more than the Health Strategy for Dementia and the five Health Regional Plans for Dementia. It was very interesting listen to researchers and representatives from the pharmaceutical companies, just one day after the Roche announcement about the Phase III GRADUATE studies, noted Alzheimer Portugal. Not only Roche stressed its commitment to continue developing novel diagnostics and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s, but other companies and researchers did the same. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to involve patients from the very beginning of each study including clinical trials, stressed Alzheimer Portugal.

This was especially highlighted in the panel dedicated to Research: starting with the clinical trial pathway, then a presentation of an example of organising research involving people with a disease – the AICIB Award & The Champalimaud Foundation Clinical Research Platform, followed by state of the art research given by Professor Ana Verdelho, and finally the Roche project “Digital Health Hub for Dementia” - a different way of doing research, also to find important new solutions. Special attention was paid to Health Literacy on Dementia, the Right to Health Information and the importance of non-pharmacological interventions. To finish, a very interesting panel on Ethical Issues and the importance of the Human Rights Approach to Dementia took place. Alzheimer Portugal was very happy to join speakers with huge knowledge and experience and all deeply dedicated to the same cause – to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and carers and work towards a society that really involves them. Alzheimer Portugal is very pleased with its event, and thanks the 160 participants who attended the conference.