Alzheimer Larissa hosts four events during December, to get into the Christmas spirit


During the first half of December, Alzheimer Larissa (Greece) got into the Christmas spirit with a number of activities organised for people with dementia and older people.
On 1 December, the festive atmosphere began with a session decorating with poinsettias (a.k.a. Christmas roses), as well as Christmas carols and the lighting of the tree by the President of Alzheimer Larissa, Eleni Nifli. Decorating with poinsettias captured the imagination of the participants, who asked to learn more about the flower. Eleni Nifli told them the myth and legend of the flower, explaining that it symbolises appreciation and gratitude and that it is offered as a Christmas present by many people. The content of the legend, the living sensory contact with the asteroid and colourful leaves of poinsettias fascinated and motivated the members of the group to share some of their own Christmas memories. Subsequently, the women's group asked for pots of poinsettias from the volunteers to prepare a Christmas present for the elderly in a closed structure. The volunteers gave pots as well as the necessary materials, and they decorated the poinsettias.
On 3 December, Nafsika Kyritsi and Alexandra Mano led a large group of older people in creating cards with themes like Christmas trees, angels, and bells, in order to send them to their loved ones.
Finally, on 15 December, Konstantina Bethava presented a construction in the form of an angel, with a motion sensor, which transported the people with dementia and older people in attendance, to the manger of Bethlehem with the song "Holy Night".