Alzheimer Europe signs joint statement on WHO Europe digital health plan


Alzheimer Europe has signed a joint statement coordinated by EuroHealthNet, on the Regional Digital Health Action Plan, which was approved at 72nd Session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for Europe. The joint statement welcomes the plan and its guiding principles, as well as its vision to improve health outcomes for everyone in an equitable manner. In addition, it notes existing challenges such as a lack of capacity, training, and resources to ensure appropriate use of digital tools and technologies. The signatories of the statement call for elaboration on the following four elements:

1. A focus on up- and re-skilling of the European health workforce to support implementation of digital transitions in health ecosystems at all levels.

2. Clear digital health governance mechanisms to safeguard privacy and trust, and which also permit for meaningful and inclusive public and patient involvement in the digital health transformation and for consistent access to data for research across Member States.

3. Providing guidance for engaging with industry and establishing labelling and certification schemes to help identify trustworthy digital health tools and applications.

4. Standardization of digital tools and technologies to foster greater accessibility, transferability, and integration, both across countries as well as sectors.

The full statement is available at: