Alzheimer Europe co-authors new paper on empowering interventions for people living with dementia


Alzheimer Europe is delighted to have co-authored a new paper, "Empowering interventions for people living with dementia: a European survey", published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing on 22 July 2022. The authors of the paper, including Alzheimer Europe Executive Director Jean Georges, Director for Projects Dianne Gove and Project Officer Ana Diaz, aimed to identify existing empowerment interventions for people living with dementia and to explore which used interventions and projects were considered empowering and why. In total, 73 people participated in the online survey. Their responses mentioned a total of 98 interventions that they considered to be empowering. There were 90 unique instances of interventions, as some interventions were mentioned more than once. Detailed questions about a specific intervention were answered for 69 of these interventions, whilst for 21 interventions, only basic information was provided. You can read their published paper, here: