Alzheimer Europe article featured on Health Europa website


Alzheimer Europe has contributed to Health Europa Quarterly, outlining the need for dementia to by prioritised as a policy matter. Written by Alzheimer Europe Policy Officer, Owen Miller, the article includes a focus on areas including prevalence, practice and prevention, as well explaining that significant improvements are needed in dementia care.

The article is focused around four key questions:

• What is the significance of early diagnosis in treating and ensuring support for people living with dementia?

• What are the key symptoms or indications of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias? What treatments are recommended?

• With ageing populations projected to cause significant increases in dementia, what should be done at a policy level to mitigate the effect of Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias on patients and the healthcare system as a whole?

• Are there any notable developments or current issues in research or treatment of Alzheimer’s disease which you would like to highlight?

In addition, the article addresses a range of subjects including the increasing prevalence of the condition, the need for a greater focus on prevention and the recent European Medicine Agency (EMA) decision around aducanumab. The full article is available at: