ADIS project launches its website


The ADIS consortium is proud to announce the official launch of its website:

The ADISN consortium will to evaluate whether blood-based biomarkers derived from special types of immune cells and sleep disturbances allow to reliably discriminate Alzheimer’s disease patients at different stages of the disease from healthy subjects. Further, collaborators want to understand, in how far sleep disturbances might influence blood-based biomarkers. This is important, because we need to know which type of measurements are most effective and most efficient. Alzheimer Europe is involved in the Public Involvement activities of the project and also leads the communication activities of the project in collaboration with the project coordinator (Fraunhofer.

This project is supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (INTER/JPND21/15741011/ADIS) under the aegis of the EU Joint Programme ꟷ Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) ꟷ