ABOARD project hosts consortium meeting in Utrecht


On 28 April 2022, over 70 project members gathered in Utrecht (Netherlands) for the ABOARD project Spring meeting. There was a good atmosphere, lots of inspiration, and it was great to share what has been achieved so far. The day was filled with inspiring group discussions in breakout rooms, a sunny guided city tour to foster networking, in-depth updates of each of the work packages, and valuable input from the end users. The cherry on top was a panel discussion chaired by Henk J. Smid (Chairman, Foundation LSH, Health~Holland and former director of ZonMw) about “the Alzheimer patient journey of the future”.

ABOARD-representatives from healthcare, health insurance, digital health, pharma, big data, education and patient organisations conducted an animated discussion, with lively input from the other project members in the audience. A wide range of perspectives and opinions was brought to the table, yet all shared the common vision that future prevention strategies, consisting of personalised combinations of lifestyle interventions and medication, will lead to the ability to stop Alzheimer’s before dementia had started. Alzheimer Europe Director Jean Georges is a member of the project’s Advisory Board.

ABOARD, short for “A personalized medicine approach for Alzheimer’s disease”, is a public-private project which aims to prepare for a future in which Alzheimer’s disease is stopped before dementia has started. Find out more about the project, here: https://www.aboard-project.nl