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Overall ranking

2020: European Dementia Monitor, Comparing and benchmarking national dementia strategies and policies

6. Overall ranking

Table 12shows the rank each country was able to achieve in each of the ten categories, with the country (or countries) who have finished at the top of the rankings, highlighted in blue.

The UK – England, had the highest number (3) of categories in which it ranked in first place, with Belgium (Wallonia), Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK (Scotland) ranking first in 2 categories. Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, Finland, France,  Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Portugal and Spain, also ranked first in a single category.

In order to calculate the overall ranking of countries, we based the global score on a combined score of the ten different categories with each contributing 10% to the overall score. This score is presented as a percentage of the overall maximum score which countries could have achieved and leads to the following ranking as shown in figure17. In this figure, we also show whether countries have increased their overall percentage score, compared to the 2017 Monitor.

According to the overall ranking, Sweden and UK – Scotland, were the countries which had the most dementia-friendly policies in place, with Bulgaria and Poland the countries which need to make the most progress and reforms to improve the dementia friendly policies in their countries.

When looking at the map of Europe (see map 5), we can see that there are significant differences across Europe with countries in Northern and Central Europe generally scoring better than countries in Southern Europe.



Last Updated: Tuesday 30 March 2021