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2016: Decision making and legal capacity in dementia

Country comparisons

Alzheimer Europe (AE) has carried out a comparison of national laws on consent, advance directives and legal capacity in European countries. This deliverable includes the national information for each of the participating countries. This information forms the basis of the comparative report which was published in Alzheimer Europe’s 2016 Yearbook.

Methodology and timing

Decisions about the broad areas to be included in the questionnaire were informed by the work carried out by Alzheimer Europe in its previous Lawnet project and its 2009 and 2010 Yearbooks. Agreement on the specific sections to be included for each area was reached at a meeting with representatives of national associations at the beginning of 2016.

Based on this previous work, a questionnaire was developed and sent out to all AE members. In addition, relevant informants were identified and approached in countries where AE has no members (i.e. Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania). A total of 36 national organisations and experts were contacted and invited to participate.

32 experts representing 31 countries returned the questionnaires[1]. Questionnaires were completed by the national organisation and, whenever necessary, with the aid of relevant national experts in the legal field. Organisations were contacted again when necessary to clarify certain issues

List of participating countries:

[1] In the case of the UK (England and Scotland), different questionnaires were received for different parts of the country.


D1.1. National reports


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