Guidelines on Inclusive Travel and Meetings for People with Dementia

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Alzheimer Europe is pleased to introduce its ‘Guidelines on Inclusive Travel and Meetings for People with Dementia’.
People with dementia are increasingly being invited to participate in meetings in various settings, such as in the context of Public Involvement for research projects, national policy working groups and other advocacy activities. It is imperative to include people with dementia in such activities to recognise the value of their perspectives and life experiences and guarantee that they can have a say in the development of research, policy and services. These guidelines aim to ensure that meetings and travel arrangements are organised with accessibility and the specific needs of people with dementia in mind, promoting their well-being throughout.
The guide builds on previous work carried out with the European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) in 2020 on inclusive meetings and travel. The topic was then revisited in 2023 in several consultations with the EWGPWD and with the European Dementia Carers Working Group (EDCWG). Drawing from both groups’ feedback and Alzheimer Europe's extensive experience in the field, the guidelines offer some practical guidance for anyone who is involved in planning meetings and discussions with people with dementia.

Alzheimer Europe (2023). Guidelines on Inclusive Travel and Meetings for People with Dementia. ISBN 978-2-919811-15-1, Luxembourg, Alzheimer Europe