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2013: National policies covering the care and support of people with dementia and their carers

The organisation of care and support for people with dementia

There is no system of social support specifically designed for people with dementia and their carers. However, people who are ailing or need social support, because they live alone or are dependent, are entitled to receive paid (or partly paid) home help and support organised by local governments.

There are special services for the elderly but none specifically for people with dementia. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is responsible for social support to people with dementia/dependent elderly people. The Ministry of Health is responsible for medical services only.

NGOs are involved in various activities aimed at providing services for people with dementia and their carers. The Ministry of Health may (or may not) co-finance certain activities and tasks of NGOs, but it is up to NGOs to fight for a better quality of life for people with dementia in Poland. The private sector provides some services, e.g. nursing homes, but mostly they are not specially designed for people with dementia.

Support from the State (mainly the Ministry of Health) is inadequate and sporadic. It is funded through general taxation and an obligatory health insurance. In addition, people are asked to contribute towards the cost of any services they receive.

Social support for people with dementia and carers is neither adequate nor accessible. In fact, it is not generally available at all. The situation is very difficult especially in rural areas. Larger towns, where Alzheimer associations have been set up and are active, help people with dementia and their carers make use of the existing services available to the general public. The problem is that although general care services should be available to everybody in need, they are actually only accessible to low-income families. 

National Alzheimer Association

The Alzheimer Association of Poland provides the following services and support.



Information activities (newsletters, publications)




Awareness campaigns


Legal advice


Care coordination/Case management


Home help (cleaning, cooking, shopping)


Home care (personal hygiene, medication)


Incontinence help


Assistive technologies / ICT solutions


Tele Alarm


Adaptations to the home


Meals on wheels




Support groups for people with dementia


Alzheimer cafes


Respite care at home (Sitting service etc.)


Holidays for carers


Training for carers


Support groups for carers


Day care


Residential/Nursing home care


Palliative care



Alicja Sadowska, Alzheimer Association of Poland



Last Updated: Tuesday 25 February 2014


  • Acknowledgements

    The above information was published in the 2013 Dementia in Europe Yearbook as part of Alzheimer Europe's 2013 Work Plan which received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme.
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