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2009: Healthcare and decision-making in dementia

Alzheimer Europe would like to thank the following experts for writing, updating and/or checking the reports on healthcare and decision-making contained in this publication. Without their help, this publication would not have been possible.


  • Irene Müller (VertretungsNetz – Recht), Austria
  • Philip Bentley, Belgium
  • Lora Ivanova, Bulgaria
  • Chris Messis, Cyprus
  • Iva Holmerová, Czech Republic
  • Daniela Bruthansova, Czech Republic
  • Dorthe Buss, Denmark
  • Sara Wilcox, England
  • Anna Mäki-Petäjä, Finland
  • Federico Palermiti (Fondation Médéric Alzheimer), France
  • Bénédicte Toussaint, France
  • Bärbel Schönhof, Germany
  • Magda Tsolaki, Greece
  • Stefania Kapronczay (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union), Hungary
  • Eleanor Edmond, Ireland
  • Marina Presti, Italy
  • Association Luxembourg Alzheimer, Luxembourg
  • Charles Scerri, Malta
  • Maria Rosário Zincke dos Reis, Portugal (also for report on Malta)
  • Kees Blankman, the Netherlands
  • Eveline Heitink, the Netherlands
  • Berit A. Holmlimo, Norway
  • Miroslawa Wojciechowska, Poland
  • Paula Guimarães, Portugal
  • Maria Rosário Zincke dos Reis, Portugal
  • Maria Manuel Meruje, Portugal
  • Jan Killeen, Scotland
  • Peter Koson, Slovakia
  • Aleš Kogoj, Slovenia
  • José María Núñez Centaño, Spain
  • Marianne Wolfensberger, Switzerland
  • Sevki Sozen, Turkey


We would also like to reiterate our thanks to other experts who were involved in drafting the sections on advance directives.


  • Margaret Blaha, Austria (also for the original Lawnet report on Austria)
  • Antis Nömper, Estonia
  • Lydia Mathy, Germany
  • Ms Bettina Godschalk, Germany
  • Sigurd Sparr, Norway
  • Anna Rovira, Spain
  • Alberto Garcia Gómez, Spain
  • Pilar de Hoyoa, Spain



Last Updated: Wednesday 27 April 2011


  • Acknowledgements

    Alzheimer Euriope gratefully acknowledges the support of Fondation Médéric Alzheimer which made possible the data collection and publication of the country reports in our 2009 Yearbook.
  • Fondation Médéric Alzheimer