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2016 : Ethical issues linked to the changing definitions/use of terms related to Alzheimer’s disease

Ethical issues in practice

In this discussion paper, Alzheimer Europe's Ethics Working Group reflects on a range of ethical issues linked to the recent changes in terminology surrounding Alzheimer's disease (AD) and AD dementia. The paper starts with an explanation of the context in which the definitions were developed and reflects on ethical issues linked to representations of health and disease. The paper then addresses issues of relevance to the individual, relationships and wider society (e.g. exploring the possible impact on personhood, citizenship, stigma, public awareness, policy making, diagnosis, healthcare and research). In addition to the main issues discussed, the paper contains an annex with further details about the development of the terms and a glossary aimed at making the paper accessible to a wide audience. At the end of the paper, readers will find the group's position on some of the key issues addressed.


Ethics document


Last Updated: Tuesday 14 February 2017


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