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Dementia Friendly Gurudwaras (UK)


Title/name of initiative: 

Dementia Friendly Gurudwaras 

Type of initiative: 

Practical initiative


United Kingdom


The following extract is taken from the website: 

"The Dementia Friendly Gurudwaras Project is a local initiative in Bradford spear-headed by Sikh healthcare professionals who are passionate about making a difference to those affected by dementia.

We aim to achieve this by;

1.) Establishing the baseline understanding of dementia within the Sikh Community in Bradford through surveys and questionnaires.
2.) Tackling the stigma and the lack of knowledge about dementia and its implications through the use of tailored workshops, courses, lectures and physical and virtual information portals both in English and Punjabi.
3.) Modifying the environment at the Gurudwara to make it easier for people with dementia to interaction with.
4.) Liaising with other organisations and dementia groups to share ideas and learn from each other.
5.) Reassessing the impact of our work to guide future interventions.

Following this we hope to roll out this initiative to other Gurudwaras in Bradford and eventually across the country."

Which ethnic group(s) are covered?

People from Sikh communities 

Which languages are covered? 

Information on the website about this initiative is in English

What is the target audience of the initiative?  

People with dementia, carers and the general public


Ongoing (see website)

Where or from whom to obtain more information: 



Last Updated: Thursday 22 November 2018


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