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Helpline (SWE)


Title/name of initiative: 

Association Alzheimer Sverige cost-free dementia helpline

Type of initiative: 

Cost-free dementia helpline




On the -site all persons interested (professional or private) are encouraged to call the cost-free telephone number:, and dialogue will be available in the languages : Farsi, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, English and Danish. 

måndag - torsdag 08.30 - 16.30fredagar 8.30 - 15.00. Behöver du stöd eller hjälp? Kontakta oss på vår telefonrådgivning - 020- 73 76 10

All persons that answer the incoming calls have direct or thorough professional experience of being a care-giver for persons with dementia in the Swedish care-context. However, no specific ethnic or cultural care-giving expertise is targeted to a specific minority. 

Which ethnic group(s) are covered?

Farsi, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, English and Danish speaking people

Which languages are covered? 

Farsi, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, English and Danish

What is the target audience of the initiative?  

The general public and professionals


Open ended

Where or from whom to obtain more information:

Karin Westerlund <>



Last Updated: Thursday 18 July 2019