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Videos and photo gallery

2017 Berlin

In this section, you will find a selection of photos taken at the conference.

As a resource to visitors of the Alzheimer Europe Website, we will also included videos of the keynote presentations at the Alzheimer Europe Conference in Berlin.

Videos from the following speakers have been included:

Welcome and introductory comments by

and keynote lecture from:

Plenary sessions:

  • Chris Roberts and Jayne Goodrick (United Kingdom):The impact of dementia on the whole family
  • Elmar Gräßel (Germany): Home care in dementia - relief for caregivers and support for care-receivers
  • Imogen Blood (United Kingdom):The European Joint Action on Dementia and its focus on dementia-friendly communities and initiatives
  • Thomas Klie (Germany):Ethical and legal considerations in the care of people with dementia at home
  • Anders Wimo (Sweden):The cost of dementia care
  • Knut Engedal (Norway):Care guidelines and national dementia strategies
  • Bob Woods (United Kingdom): The experience of carers of a diagnosis of dementia: Results of a five-country survey
  • Lieve Van den Block (Belgium):The PACE project and its implications for palliative care for people with dementia
  • Wiesje van der Flier (Netherlands):Advances in Alzheimer’s diagnosis; implications for clinical practice?
  • Frank Jessen (Germany):Are we getting closer to better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Kate Irving (Ireland):Reducing dementia risk by targeting modifiable risk factors in mid-life: the lessons of the In-MINDD project

Round table discussion with the participation of:

  • Lutz Frölich (Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany)
  • Andreas Holtel (European Commission)
  • Iva Holmerová (Alzheimer Europe, Czech Republic)
  • Pierre Meulien (Innovative Medicines Initiative)
  • Helen Rochford-Brennan (European Working Group of People with Dementia, Ireland)
  • Winfried Teschauer (Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft, Germany)
  • Myrra Vernooij-Dassen (INTERDEM, Netherlands)

Special Symposia:

Closing comments and farewell by:

  • Winfried Teschauer, Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft
  • Iva Holmerová, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe



Last Updated: Wednesday 25 October 2017