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Detailed Programme and abstracts

2010 Luxembourg

Thursday, 30 September 2010

18.00-19.00 (Red Room): Opening Ceremony

Opening comments and welcome by

  • Liane Kadusch-Roth, Chairperson, Association Luxembourg Alzheimer
  • Maurice O’Connell, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe

Opening addresses by:

  • Marie-Josée Jacobs, Minister for Family and Integration, Luxembourg
  • Mars di Bartolomeo, Minister for Health, Luxembourg
  • Andrzej Rys, Director of Public Health, European Commission

19.00-19.30 (Red Room): Keynote address

Jean Georges (Luxembourg): Celebrating 20 years of achievements – Alzheimer Europe

Friday, 1 October 2010

09.00-10.30 (Red Room) Symposium S1: Facing dementia together: People with dementia and their carers - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Heike von Lützau-Hohlbein (Germany)

  • S1.1. James and Maureen McKillop (United Kingdom): Facing dementia as a couple
  • S1.2. Dieter Ferring (Luxembourg): Who will care for me? Trends in family caregiving in European countries
  • S1.3. Gráinne McGettrick (Ireland): Slaying the dementia dragon: Alzheimer organisations responding to stigma and social isolation
  • S1.4. Julian Hughes (United Kingdom): An ethical framework to support people with dementia and their carers

11.00-12.00 (Red Room) Parallel Session P1: Innovative Care services and approaches (1) - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Carmen Sinner (Luxembourg)

  • P1.1. Tracy Gilmour (United Kingdom): Post-diagnostic pilot project
  • P1.2. Clive Evers (United Kingdom): Sight loss and dementia: developing effective services
  • P1.3. Marissa Butler (Ireland): Developing palliative care in dementia services – An Irish action research project

11.00-12.00 (Blue Room) Parallel Session P2: Relationships, communication and sexuality - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Sabine Henry (Belgium)

  • P2.1. Razvan Ioan Trascu (Romania): Communicating with Alzheimer patients
  • P2.2. Damian Murphy (United Kingdom): Attending to communication difficulties between people with dementia and family carers: A relationship-centred approach
  • P2.3. Anja K. Leist (Luxembourg): Feelings of family caregivers towards the cared-for person with dementia – A micro-analytic approach
  • P2.4. Magda Tsolaki (Greece): Sexual function in dementia and related issues

11.00-12.00 (Yellow Room) Parallel Session P3: Perceptions of dementia - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Sirkkaliisa Heimonen (Finland)

  • P3.1. Géraldine Viatour (France): Impact of practice changes of professional caregivers on their social representations of Alzheimer’s disease
  • P3.2. Saïda Sakali (Belgium): Dementia-friendly municipalities: How can we transform our towns, villages and neighbourhoods by strengthening the social fabric around people with dementia and their carers?
  • P3.3. Maddalena Riva (Italy): Knowledge and attitudes about Alzheimer's disease in the lay public: influence of caregiving experience and other socio-demographic factors in an Italian sample

11.00-12.00 (Green Room) Parallel Session P4: Sucessful campaigning - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Sabine Jansen (Germany)

  • P4.1. Jessica Federer (Germany): Successful campaigning: collaborations with industry
  • P4.2. Michael Hagedorn (Germany): Konfetti im Kopf – a photographic awareness campaign
  • P4.3. Alice Jarratt (United Kingdom): Policy and pressure: making dementia strategies a reality
  • P4.4. Michael Splaine (USA): Special populations, special policy challenges

13.00-14.00 (Blue Room) Special Symposium SS1: Day-to-day decisions on dementia: Discussing challenges and sharing insights with an expert panel - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Giuseppe Bruno (Italy)

  • Expert panel from across Europe including healthcare professionals, a carer and a representative from a patient advocacy group

This symposium has been organised and funded by Pfizer Ltd

13.00-14.00 (Yellow Room) Oral poster presentations OP - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Charles Scerri (Malta)

  • OP1. Razvan Ioan Trascu (Romania): Alzheimer diagnostic challenges: Romanian healthcare system flaws
  • OP2. Areti Efthymiou (Greece): Results of a cognitive and physical training programme for people with MCI
  • OP3. Paraskevi Sakka (Greece): Dementia screening and memory enhancing project in a population of urban dwelling elderly people
  • OP4. Sirkkaliisa Heimonen (Finland): A journey of possibilities – A logotherapeutic model of dementia care
  • OP5. Eric Sanchez (France): A nationwide telephone helpline
  • OP6. Michael Splaine (USA): Messages and strategies for public health
  • OP7. Luiza Spiru (Romania): Professional caregiving and workforce training in Romania
  • OP8. Luiza Spiru (Romania): Breakthrough technologies in professional dementia healthcare
  • OP9. Ramona Lucas Carrasco (Spain): Consequences of the lack of policies for people with dementia: A case report from Spain

14.00-15.30 (Red Room) Parallel Session P5: Nursing home care - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Maria do Rosário Zincke dos Reis (Portugal)

  • P5.1. Margrét Gústafsdóttir (Iceland): Enhancing nursing students’ understanding of the experience of a person facing dementia by interviewing a close family member of that person
  • P5.2. A.M. van Dijk (Netherlands): The Imagination method; A new approach for caregivers of people with dementia in nursing homes
  • P5.3. Anna Renom (Germany): Criteria to determine appropriateness of hospital admission in nursing home residents with dementia: A systematic review
  • P5.4. Graínne McGettrick (Ireland): Continuing to care for people with dementia: Irish family carers’ experience of their relative’s transition to a nursing home
  • P5.5. Wolfgang Billen (Luxembourg): Organisational and personal determinants of the use of physical restraints in Luxembourg nursing homes

14.00-15.30 (Blue Room) Parallel Session P6: Education and training - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Alicja Sadowska (Poland)

  • P6.1. Carmen Sinner and Mireille Elsen (Luxembourg): A step out – the practical and social importance of training for people with dementia and their caregivers
  • P6.2. Alda Marques (Portugal): Moving beyond training: a psychoeducational programme for formal caregivers of elderly with dementia
  • P6.3. Judith Mollard (France): Education and training of family caregivers: A major challenge for France Alzheimer
  • P6.4. Béatrice Surber (Switzerland): Improving skills through regular supervision of a group of home carers

14.00-15.30 (Yellow Room) Parallel Session P7: Supporting and involving people with dementia (1) - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Antonia Croy (Austria)

  • P7.1. Josine van der Poel (Netherlands): Involving people with dementia in the development of information materials
  • P7.2. David Batchelor and James McKillop (United Kingdom): The physical effects of dementia
  • P7.3. Aude Dion (Belgium): The video blog – Giving a voice and a face to people with dementia
  • P7.4. Elisa Virkola (Finland): The agency of everyday life of people with dementia living alone

14.00-15.30 (Green Room) Parallel Session P8: Organisation and financing of care - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Clive Evers (United Kingdom)

  • P8.1. Gwendoline Taché (France): Informal care received by people with dementia aged 75 years and older: empirical evidence from the French National Survey Handicap-Santé Ménages 2008
  • P8.2. Jean-Claude Leners (Luxembourg): People with dementia and care insurance in Luxembourg - Survey after more than five years
  • P8.3. Staffan Karlsson (Sweden): European health and social care and welfare systems for persons with dementia
  • P8.4. Jan de Lepeleire (Belgium): Outcomes COGNOS study - Care for people with cognitive dysfunction - A Belgian national observational study

16.00-17.30 (Red Room) Symposium S2: Facing dementia together - Professional carers and people with dementia and their carers - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Carine Federspiel (Luxembourg)

  • S2.1. Iva Holmerová (Czech Republic): Care approaches in Eastern European countries
  • S2.2. Kaisu Pitkälä (Finland): A rehabilitative approach to dementia care
  • S2.3. Christina Kuhn (Germany): End-of-life care for people with dementia – An evaluation of two innovative approaches in Luxembourg
  • S2.4. Dianne Gove (Luxembourg): Ethical implications of assistive technologies in residential care settings

Saturday, 2 October 2010

09.00-10.30 (Red Room) Symposium S3: Facing dementia together - Doctors and researchers & people with dementia and their carers - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Sigurd Sparr (Norway)

  • S3.1. Maria Isaac (United Kingdom): Bringing new treatments and diagnostic procedures to patients – Understanding the drug development process
  • S3.2. Philippe Amouyel (France): European collaboration on dementia research: the Joint Programming Initiative
  • S3.3. Bengt Winblad (Sweden): New treatments for people with dementia – Current research approaches
  • S3.4. François Blanchard (France): Addressing ethical questions in dementia research

11.00-12.00 (Red Room) Parallel Session P9: Innovative Care services and approaches (2) - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Pat Doherty (Ireland)

  • P9.1. Christian Gilles (Belgium): ARDEM: an expanding network devoted to people with dementia in a Belgian rural area
  • P9.2. Matthias W. Riepe (Germany): Are quality criteria for memory clinics needed? A statement from the European Memory Clinics Association (EMCA)
  • P9.3. Areti Efthymiou (Greece): Caring for the carer: Project “Life after care”
  • P9.4. Luisa Bartorelli (Italy): The savvy caregiver programme – An intervention on family members of Alzheimer patientsAssistance and support (Institutional care)

11.00-12.00 (Blue Room) Parallel Session P10: Assistive technologies and design - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Luiza Spiru (Romania)

  • P10.1. Lisa van Mierlo (Netherlands): DEMENTELCOACH: Effect of telephone coaching on informal and professional carers of community dwelling people with dementia
  • P10.2. Laura Sorri (Finland): Helping the elderly with memory disorders to orientate in built environment – a field study of a technological system
  • P10.3. Jon Boon (United Kingdom): Designing for dementia

11.00-12.00 (Yellow Room) Parallel Session P11: Rights and ethics - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Dianne Gove (Luxembourg)

  • P11.1. Elisabeth Bourkel (Luxembourg): Perceived rights and stigmatisation of people with Alzheimer’s disease
  • P11.2. Henna Nikumaa (Finland): Are people with dementia equal in the Finnish social security system?
  • P11.3. Astrid Schmitz (Germany): Management perspective of a European research project: ethical committee’s approval and fair authorship allocation
  • P11.4. Jan Killeen (United Kingdom): Dementia: autonomy and decision-making - principles into practice

11.00-12.00 (Green Room) P12 Parallel Session P12: The international dimension of dementia - Click here for more information

Chairperson: António Oliveira Costa (Portugal)

  • P12.1. Frank J. Schaper (Australia): In dementia care – Is Australia the lucky country?
  • P12.2. Marc Wortmann (United Kingdom): Global impact of dementia
  • P12.3. Siew Li Cheung and Kelvin Koh (Singapore): An innovative inpatient rehabilitation ward for persons with dementia in a community hospital in Singapore
  • P12.4. Amir Parsa (USA): Arts engagement programmes for people with dementia and their caregivers

13.00-14.00 (Blue Room) Special Symposium SS2: PharmaCog: Bringing new hope to patients with Alzheimer’s disease - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Elaine Irving (United Kingdom)

  • Elaine Irving (United Kingdom): PharmaCog: Alzheimer’s drug discovery from bench to bedside
  • Esther Schencker (France): Getting the dose right
  • David Bartres-Faz (Spain): Sorting the good from the bad
  • Alexandra Auffret (France) and Elaine Irving (United Kingdom): Towards designing better clinical studies

13.00-14.00 (Yellow Room) Special Symposium SS3: Vorstellung der “Association Luxembourg Alzheimer“ mit Schwerpunkt der Pflegeoase „Beim Goldknapp“ - Click here for more information

  • Alain Tapp (Luxemburg) und Michèle Halsdorf (Luxemburg)

14.00-15.30 (Red Room) Parallel Session P13: Non-pharmacological approaches to the management of dementia - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Paraskevi Sakka (Greece)

  • P13.1. Anne Happo (Finland): Dance and movement as a tool - education in Summer University of Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
  • P13.2. Nomiki Karpathiou (Greece): “The past recaptured” - A personal webpages reminiscence programme
  • P13.3. Ivo Cilesi (Italy): Doll therapy, non-pharmacological treatments for the managament of BPSD (behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia) in subjects with Alzheimer’s dementia
  • P13.4. Katarína Karolová (Slovak Republic): Cognitive training as a non–pharmacological approach in comprehensive care and treatment of patients with Alzheimer´s disease
  • P13.5. Anouk Dufour (Belgium): Home Ergotherapy: Supporting the person with Alzheimer’s disease and his/her family

14.00-15.30 (Blue Room) Parallel Session P14: Screening, diagnosing and treating dementia - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Magda Tsolaki (Greece)

  • P14.1. Patricio García Báez (Spain): Computational intelligence methods for automatic diagnosis of dementia
  • P14.2. Manfredi Ventura (Belgium): A survey of physicians’ perceptions of adherence to oral cholinesterase inhibitor treatment in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
  • P14.3. Eugenia Papalexi (Greece): Memantine in everyday clinical practice: Comparisons of data from observational studies in Greece and in Germany
  • P14.4. Magali Perquin (Luxembourg): MemoVie: Prospective evaluation of neuropsychological and biological characteristics of mild cognitive impairment and of associated subclinical health problems
  • P14.5. Armelle Desplanques-Leperre (France): Increasing the quality of care of behavioural disorders in Alzheimer’s disease and reducing the use of neuroleptics for a better quality of life

14.00-15.30 (Yellow Room) Parallel Session P15: Supporting and involving people with dementia (2) - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Julie Fraser (Luxembourg)

  • P15.1. David L. W. Buglar (United Kingdom): The Influence of consumer involvement on dementia research: A case study of the UK Alzheimer’s Society
  • P15.2. Sabine Jansen (Germany): People with dementia – part of the community
  • P15.3. Sirkkaliisa Heimonen (Finland): Supporting persons with dementia through peer group discussions
  • P15.4. Kristiina Karttunen (Finland): Neuropsychiatric symptoms and quality of life in patients with very mild and mild Alzheimer`s disease

14.00-15.30 (Green Room) Parallel Session P16: National dementia strategies - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Annette Dumas (Belgium)

  • P16.1. Maija Juva (Norway): The National Dementia Plan – where are we now?
  • P16.2. Luiza Spiru (Romania): Alzheimer’s disease in Romania: the national programme for prevention, prediction, personalised treatment and monitoring of memory diseases
  • P16.3. Wendy M. Werkman (Netherlands): Integrated dementia care effective from a client’s point of view
  • P16.4. Charles Scerri (Malta): Societal, pharmacotherapeutic and policy aspects of dementia care in the Maltese islands
  • P16.5. Paraskevi Sakka (Greece): Towards a dementia action plan in Greece

16.00-17.30 (Red Room) Symposium S4: Facing dementia together - The dementia community and policy makers - Click here for more information

Chairperson: Maurice O’Connell (Ireland)

  • S4.1. Antoni Montserrat (European Commission): European initiatives in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
  • S4.2. Heike von Lützau-Hohlbein (Germany): Dementia as a national priority: An overview of dementia strategies
  • S4.3. Jeannot Krecké (Luxembourg): The care sector as an economic and employment factor
  • S4.4. Gerrit Rauws (Belgium): A societal response to dementia

17.30-18.00 (Red Room) Closing Ceremony

Closing comments and farewell by

  • Liane Kadusch-Roth, Association Luxembourg Alzheimer
  • Chairperson-elect of Alzheimer Europe

Presentation and invitation to 21st Alzheimer Europe Conference in Warsaw






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