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2021 Sponsorship opportunities


1         Introduction

Alzheimer Europe provides a number of sponsorship opportunities for commercial sponsors interested in supporting the organisation’s corporate activities (see chapter 2 below) or the organisation’s Annual Conference (see chapter 3 below)

2         Corporate activities

2.1        Individual sponsorship opportunities

As in previous years, Alzheimer Europe will provide companies with a pick and mix menu to opt for those sponsorship opportunities which are most in line with a particular company’s interests. They are presented here below:

2.1.1        Company Round Tables

In conjunction with its Board meetings, Alzheimer Europe will organise three meetings with interested companies in order to discuss common issues with regard to the research and regulatory environment.

Alzheimer Europe will present its plans and activities at these meetings. In addition, the organisation will liaise with the participating companies to identify issues of common interest and will invite company representatives to make presentations on selected topics. These meetings will also serve to discuss the EU research landscape and update members of AE about ongoing clinical trial developments.

Alzheimer Europe hopes that these joint meetings will serve as a frank exchange of information and views and lead to a better understanding of the positions of Alzheimer associations and industry.

During these company round table meetings, AE will continue to update its members about the ongoing clinical trials in Europe and seek to develop a dialogue with companies on these trials.

At these meetings, time can be allocated for those companies interested in sharing their research activities and discussing issues such as design of clinical trial protocols or patient recruitment with representatives of the Alzheimer Europe Board. If necessary, this section of the meeting will be closed to invited representatives only and AE participants may be required to sign confidentiality agreements to cover the discussions on issues not in the public domain.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Participation in one company round table meeting: EUR 2,500/meeting
  • Participation in all three company round table meetings: EUR 5,000
  • Acknowledgement on AE website section dedicated to the clinical trial watch: EUR 5,000
  • Advisory Board or Information meeting with AE members: EUR 10,000

2.1.2        Dementia in Europe Magazine

Alzheimer Europe will continue publishing its special magazine entitled “Dementia in Europe” with a clear focus on policy developments in different European countries. This magazine will highlight any initiatives on a national or European level that are in line with the political priorities of the declaration and continue to feature interviews with high level EU and national policy makers.

The magazine will be published three times in 2020 (February, June and October) and will be distributed free of charge to Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as through the member organisations of Alzheimer Europe to national policy makers. Furthermore, the magazine will be distributed to other European stakeholders who currently receive the e-mail newsletter of the organisation.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Half page advert: EUR 2,500 per edition Half page advert: EUR 5,000 for three editions
  • Company or project supplement (8 pages): EUR 10,000

2.1.3        European Parliament lunch debates

At the end of the previous mandate of the European Parliament, the European Alzheimer’s Alliance brought together currently brings together over 90 Members of the European Parliament from 27 Members States of the European Union. AE will continue to work with its members to increase the membership of this group.

Alzheimer Europe will organise three lunch debates in the European Parliament in February, June and September 2021.

Throughout the year, Members of the European Parliament will be regularly updated on this through direct contacts, as well as through regular e-mail updates and the magazine.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor and invitation of one representative: EUR 5,000 per meeting

2.1.4        Alzheimer’s Association Academy

In June 2021, Alzheimer Europe will organise a workshop with public and government affairs representatives of its member organisations. This capacity building event will aim at informing member organisations about relevant EU developments, providing an update for members about relevant research developments and exchanging information on best practices with regard to campaigning, media relations and the use of social media.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor for event and invitation of one representative: EUR 10,000

2.1.5        European Dementia Summit

After its adoption of the policy report “Dementia, a European priority”, AE and its members will campaign towards the implementation of the recommendations of this report. AE will aim to develop a broad coalition with other European organisations with an interest in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

In June, Alzheimer Europe will convene a European Dementia Summit with the chairpersons or other key representatives of other organisations active at a European level (European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium, European Academy of Neurology, EFPIA, INTERDEM, Eurocarers, European Patients’ Forum, European Association of Geriatric Psychiatry) to discuss the developed recommendations.

Individual Sponsorship opportunities

  • Acknowledgement as sponsor for event and invitation of one representative: EUR 10,000

2.2        Sponsorship packages for corporate affairs activities

In addition to the pick and mix menu of individual sponsorship opportunities highlighted above, Alzheimer Europe will also provide a number of sponsorship packages.

As in previous years, Alzheimer Europe would like to propose the following three levels of sponsorship.

Sponsorship level



Bronze sponsor

EUR 10,000

Company round table and magazine

Silver sponsor

EUR 20,000

Company round table, Clinical Trial Watch and magazine PLUS Academy OR EP Lunch debates OR European Dementia Summit

Gold sponsor

EUR 40,000

Company round table, Clinical Trial Watch and magazine PLUS Academy AND EP Lunch debates AND European Dementia Summit

According to the chosen level, Alzheimer Europe will provide a number of benefits to the sponsor. These benefits are outlined in the table below.





General benefits




Acknowledgement in Sponsor section of AE website

Acknowledgement in AE Annual Report

Invited representatives to Company Round Table




Acknowledgement on Clinical Trial Watch on AE website

Monthly Update on AE activities

Dementia in Europe Magazine




Advertisement in Dementia in Europe Magazine

3 x half page

2 x half page

1 x half page

Free copies of the magazine




Alzheimer’s Association Academy




Acknowledgement of support on Alzheimer’s Association Academy


Invited representatives to Patient Advocacy Meetings




EP lunch debates




Acknowledgement of support on lunch debate agendas and invitations


Invited representative to lunch debates




European Dementia Summit




Acknowledgement of support on summit agenda and invitations


Invited representative to lunch debates





3         Conference Sponsorship

For its 2020 Annual Conference in Bucharest, Romania “Building brdiges” (20-22 October 2020), AE will provide both sponsorship packages and individual sponsorship opportunities

3.1        Conference sponsorship packages

The following sponsorship packages will be available. Silver sponsors of Alzheimer Europe’s corporate affairs activities will receive a discount of 25% on these packages and gold sponsors a discount of 50%.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bronze conference sponsor (€5,000)

Your logo in the conference programme

Your logo on the website ( Your logo on screen in meeting rooms at beginning of sessions

One complimentary registration to the AE Conference

Silver conference sponsor (€10,000)

As bronze sponsorship, including

Half page non-promotional advert in conference programme Company stand in exhibition area of conference

Two complimentary registrations to the AE Conference

Gold conference sponsor Limited to a maximum of four (€20,000)

As silver sponsorship, including

Full page non-promotional advert in conference programme Lunchtime satellite symposium

Inclusion of flyer of symposium programme in conference bags

Four complimentary registrations to the AE Conference


3.2        Individual conference sponsorship opportunities

If the above mentioned sponsorship packages are not convenient, it is also possible to opt for the following individual sponsorship opportunities at the conference:

EUR 1,000

Inclusion of conference announcement or other promotional material in conference bags

EUR 2,000

Half page advert in conference programme

EUR 2,500

Display stand (Table and two chairs)

EUR 2,500

Company symposium during one of the parallel session times

EUR 3,500

Full page advert in conference programme

EUR 5,000

Full page advert in conference programme (back cover)

EUR 5,000

Branded USB sticks with conference abstracts

EUR 5,000

Company symposium outside of conference hours (Breakfast or Evening symposium)

EUR 10,000

Company stand

EUR 10,000

Company meeting with AE member organisations (one hour)

EUR 10,000

Company symposium during conference hours (Lunch time Symposium)

Please note: Educational organisations and universities will have a reduction of 50% on the above-mentioned conference sponsorship opportunities.

4         Other opportunities for collaboration

Alzheimer Europe welcomes contributions to the corporate affairs activities of the organisation, as well as to specific projects of Alzheimer Europe. While the above mentioned opportunities present a list of the different sponsorship opportunities available to companies from Alzheimer Europe, the organisation will also happily discuss other projects and actions not mentioned in this document, but directly proposed by potential sponsors.

However, AE will only explore such additional project opportunities with companies which have committed to supporting AE’s corporate activities as bronze, silver or gold sponsors.

5         Annex: General principles for collaboration with corporate sponsors

Since Alzheimer Europe is committed to full transparency in all its dealings with commercial entities, all sponsorship will be duly acknowledged in the sponsor section of the Alzheimer Europe website ( and the financial section of the Annual Report of the organisation.

Also, in line with the criteria for transparency developed by the European Medicines Agency, Alzheimer Europe will publish the full amounts received by commercial companies, as well as the percentage which those amounts constitute in relation to the total income of the organisation. All sponsors will receive monthly updates on the various activities and projects of the organisation.

For all its dealings with companies, Alzheimer Europe refers to its guidelines for working with commercial sponsors included below:

AE Rules and regulations - Chapter X. Co-operation with the pharmaceutical industry and other sponsors

Article 33 – Sponsorship guidelines

The following guidelines are a first attempt to harmonise the relationship between European Alzheimer associations and the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. AE welcomes the development of new anti-dementia drugs and the investment of the pharmaceutical industry in this field and will seek to establish close contacts with the relevant companies. It hopes to be kept informed of new developments in this sector.
  2. In all dealings with the pharmaceutical industry, AE and its national organisations shall remain impartial and shall not endorse a particular manufacturer or a particular product.
  3. Therefore AE and its national associations shall not enter into any agreement, which could threaten their non-profit status.
  4. Information about members, donors or other confidential information about AE and its national associations shall remain the exclusive property of these and shall not be made available to any third party.
  5. Information on drugs or clinical trials shall not be presented by AE or its national member associations unless it has been written by persons appointed by the organisations to do so.
  6. AE and its national member associations are free to accept donations from pharmaceutical companies and other third parties. They will acknowledge such donations in the same way they acknowledge other donations by private persons.
  7. When accepting sponsorship by pharmaceutical companies or other third parties, AE and its national member associations may acknowledge this sponsorship by appropriate means. Under no circumstances will this acknowledgement include an advertisement for a product.
  8. Sponsorship does not entitle pharmaceutical companies and other third parties to determine the content of any publication or other information material produced by AE and its national members, nor does it entitle them to determine the programme or speakers at a conference or symposium organised by AE and its national members. At all times, AE and its members should have complete editorial and managerial control.
  9. AE and its national member associations can lend their support for the development of information material or awareness campaigns by the pharmaceutical companies. Under no circumstances shall AE or its members give their support or logo for a campaign designed to advertise a product.
  10. At all times, AE and its members will make sure that corporate support for their programs and materials cannot be interpreted as their endorsement of a business, company or product and they will take all necessary steps to avoid such appearance.
  11. These guidelines constitute a minimal consensus between AE and its member organisations. They are binding on AE whereas the member organisations of AE have the right to adopt other Regulations not in conflict with the principles declared above for their dealings with the pharmaceutical industry and other third parties.
  12. AE is bound by those guidelines and will not lend its support to events or publications of its member organisations or other interested parties that do not comply with them. The patronage or sponsorship of AE is therefore conditional on the acceptance of these guidelines by the applicant for sponsorship or patronage. AE will withdraw its support if in the course of a project or event, these guidelines are no longer respected.



Last Updated: Thursday 14 January 2021