Sesso, genere e sessualità nel contesto della demenza: Una guida per sensibilizzare gli operatori sanitari e sociali

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This Italian version of Alzheimer Europe's guide to help raise awareness of issues around sex, gender and sexuality in dementia was translated by Alzheimer Italia.

The guide is about the experience and wellbeing of men, women and non-binary people with dementia who are living alone or with a partner and who may or may not be sexually active. We draw attention to inequality, discrimination and lack of sensitivity towards their needs and wishes, both from other people and through structures and procedures within society, also towards their families, carers and in some cases health and social care workers. The guide is not limited to the experience of LGBTQ+ people but their experience is often qualitatively different to that of non-LGBTQ+ people and they encounter several issues that others do not, hence the frequent reference to this group in the guide.