European Dementia Monitor 2017 - Comparing and benchmarking national dementia policies and strategies

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This Alzheimer Europe publication highlights inequalities in access to dementia care and treatment across Europe.

The objective of the report is to provide a benchmark of national dementia policies in order to compare and rate the responses of European countries to the dementia challenge. The survey covered all Member States of the European Union (with the exception of Estonia), as well as Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Jersey, Israel, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

The European Dementia Monitor compares countries on 10 different categories:

  1. The affordability of care services
  2. The reimbursement of medicines
  3. The availability of clinical trials
  4. The involvement of the country in European dementia research initiatives
  5. The recognition of dementia as a priority
  6. The development of dementia-friendly initiatives
  7. The recognition of legal rights
  8. The ratification of International and European human rights treaties
  9. Care and employment rights

Alzheimer Europe (2017). European Dementia Monitor 2017: Comparing and benchmarking national dementia strategies and policies. ISBN 978-999959-995-0-6, Luxembourg, Alzheimer Europe