2015 Alzheimer Europe Report: Ethical dilemmas faced by health and social care professionals providing dementia care in care homes and hospital settings: a guide for use in the context of ongoing professional care training

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This publication is about the kinds of ethically challenging situations and ethical dilemmas faced by health and social professionals of all levels who provide care for people with dementia in care homes and hospital settings. It contains short stories based on typical situations which professional carers might encounter, along with exercises and appendices to encourage and facilitate ethical reflection, structured guidance on how to tackle ethically challenging situations and commentaries from experts in the field of ethics as well as professional care.

The publication should ideally be used in the context of professional care training (e.g. with moderated group discussions, professional guidance and role playing) and adapted to the different levels of education and experience of the readers. It doesn’t provide ready-made answers but hopefully, in the context of ongoing professional training, it will contribute towards empowering and motivating health and social care professionals to provide ethical care, and tackling ethically challenging situations with more confidence, thereby contributing to the wellbeing of their clients, colleagues and themselves.