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Ethical action in global research: a toolkit

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United Kingdom
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The University of Edinburgh

This is a website containing details of a toolkit as well as a short video clip about this toolkit. Please see for the website

The relevance to people from minority ethnic groups is its focus on conducting research in an ethical manner with people from different, sometimes vulnerable, communities. 

The toolkit was co-created by researchers from different parts of the world and different disciplines. Its intention is to offer a frame of reference that allows the analysis and resolution of ethical conflicts in the field. In no case is it intended to replace the codes of ethics and good practices of the different disciplines or the regulations of each country. On the contrary, this toolkit aims to help to apply these codes and regulations in a concrete way, throughout the research journey.

Below you will find the main concepts of this toolkit:

1. The research journey and the 4ps that accompany that journey (place, people, principles and precedents) The Research Journey

2. Our principles and values Principles and Values

You can also download the pocket version Pocket Guide

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