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Blog about providing support in the UK

Blog about providing support in the UK

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United Kingdom
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Race Equality Foundation

This is a guest blog written by Padraic Garrett, BA (Hons), BD (Hons), MSc, on the Race Equality Foundation website:…

The blog provides background information about members of the Jewish community with dementia living in the UK and describes a particular philosophy of care, the strategic aims associated with the provision of care/support and concrete examples of the kind of care and support that is provided and is culturally appropriate for people with dementia from the Jewish community.

Examples include Memory Way Cafes, Singing for Memory, day centres, the celebration of Jewish festivals and traditions, helping people maintain their Jewish heritage and feel part of a the community, a Jewish home care service, residential care and nursing homes, independent living appartments and promoting the rights of people living with dementia to live their faith and cultural traditions

Alzheimer Europe's database on intercultural initiatives was developed as part of the 2018 Work Plan which received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014–2020).
Alzheimer Europe also gratefully acknowledges the funding provided by Robert Bosch Stiftung.