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Virtual and memory adaptable spaces creating stimuli for the senses in ageing people with dementia


Start Date
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Total Funding
€ 2 100 000
Funding Programme
European Countries Involved

There are 47 million people living with dementia worldwide and expected to increase to 131 million by 2050. A person with dementia experiences loss of function, especially memory, eventually affecting verbal communication and ultimately creating disconnection from the close ones such as family and friends. The SENSE-GARDEN project will create rooms that automatically adapt to the memories and lives of their visitors with dementia. The aim is to evoke and awaken emotions by providing stimuli to the different senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, and smell, leading to a re-connection with the reality around.

Project partners

University Hospital of North Norway
Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest
Odda Municipality
Sta. Casa da Misericordia
Compexin S.A.
Vulpia Vlaanderen VZW
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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