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PErsonalizable assisTive Ambient monitoring and Lighting


Start Date
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Total Funding
€ 1 904 527
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European Countries Involved

The objective of the PETAL Project is to provide a platform able to increase elderly autonomy and assist them in carrying out activities of daily living. In particular, we aim to support older adults affected by mild dementia with useful and usable means to increase their awareness and control of their current lifestyle by providing them with relevant and tailored information in an intuitive and natural manner. This will be achieved through an intelligent platform able to monitor users’ behaviour (movements, speech, interactions) and support personalised control of lights and appliances in their environment.

Project partners

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Apollis - Istituto di ricerca sociale e demoscopia s.n.c.
Bartenbach GmbH
Synthema srl
Fondazione Santa Lucia
Fundatia Ana Aslan International
Ideable Solutions SL

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