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Multitarget compounds with therapeutic potential against Alzheimer disease: Design and in vitro studies


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€ 170 122
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This fellowship will provide a prolific researcher with an internationally competitive, multi-disciplinary research training at the Chemistry/Biology interface in an EU leading Bioinorganic chemistry team, preparing her to obtain her goal of a faculty position in the EU and her own research team in Medicinal Chemistry. She will develop novel anti-Alzheimer conjugates that target multiple disease's hallmarks. Afterwards she will evaluate their in vitro therapeutic and diagnostic potential through a secondment with cell biologists in another EU country, the United Kingdom. This research will pave the way towards the development of innovative and effective anti-Alzheimer drugs by using versatile drug combination approaches to fight this horrible and still incurable disease. Alongside her research she will also acquire research management, leadership, presentation and teaching skills to prepare her for a successful future as an independent research group leader.

Project partners

Universitat De Barcelona

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