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MI-Tale – A personalised psychobiographic game to access and preserve memories of people with dementia.


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€ 1 001 627
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Memories are important for dementia patients; they influence how they act and feel nowadays. However, for people around them, it is often hard to explore what is really going on in their beloved one’s mind. In MI-Tale we develop a digital and interactive game to recall and record memories. This tool contains existing material such as historical pictures and video’s, but also allows the user to add own material. In this way it helps to discover what the elderly person is thinking and feeling and it promotes conversation among generations. Next it allows players to complete a personal life-story book.

Project partners

National Foundation for the Elderly
LIFEtool gemeinnützige GmbH
Eerste Verdieping Internet Communities
ENPP-Böhm Institut
Consultancy Zorg Giersbergen
MK Prosopsis Ltd

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