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Knowledge management platform for clinical use of brain data


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The connectome is a map of all neural connections in the brain that can provide information about the brain’s (re)wiring in neurological diseases, injuries, or drugs responses. The use of connectomes in clinical practice has enormous potential to improve treatment efficacy, enhance patient stratification, disease characterization, and ultimately diagnosis. However, the means to clinically utilize connectomes are limited. Therefore neurologists still rely on subjective analysis of brain scans. Although the use of big data tools in neuro-diagnostics is growing, no commercial application for clinical practice is available yet. Biomax developed the first commercial solution to translate big connectome data into clinically relevant information: NeuroXM. In combination with patients’ clinical data this can be valorized to improve neuro-diagnosis. NeuroXM has successfully undergone pilot studies at two major institutes. The proprietary NeuroXM platform includes all features and security levels that are required in the clinic. Biomax is a strong bioinformatic SME with 20 years’ experience, including >25 European grants, 5 successful bioinformatic products, and a pioneering reputation. NeuroXM targets a very large and diverse neurology market with multiple clinical applications, e.g. diagnosis of dementia using brain imaging, detecting brain wiring “disconnections” in schizophrenia, and establishing treatment efficacy (longitudinal assessments of the connectome). This SME Phase 1 project will assess the feasibility of these different applications, which will help Biomax to establish a Go/No-go for further clinical validation for the specific clinical applications. With a strong first mover advantage and freedom to operate, NeuroXM has the potential to become the gold standard for working with connectome data. Commercialization of NeuroXM will provide Biomax a cumulative revenue of €47,4 million (2025) and further company growth.

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