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Integration of AAL Components for Innovative Care Pathways


Start Date
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Total Funding
€ 1 200 000
Funding Programme
European Countries Involved

Internet-based and micro technologies have changed the way we live. But elderly people receiving care have not always benefited from these developments. IntegrAAL uses technology to help improve care for older people. Older people are often cared for by many different people, known as a circle of care. This circle may include informal carers as well as formal care from medical and social services. Sometimes it is difficult for the people in a circle of care to talk and share important information. IntegrAAL supports self-management and makes communication within a circle of care better, and smarter.

Project partners

Nourish Care Systems Ltd
Dorset County Council
The university college vzw Odisee
Huis voor Gezondheid
Instituto Pedro Nunes
Associação de Desenvolvimento e Formação Profissional
AlertiSugere Lda

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