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Start Date
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Total Funding
€ 2 200 000
Funding Programme
European Countries Involved

Follow.Me aims to satisfy people’s desire of monitoring the position of elderly people with different forms of dementia and Alzheimer, in order to prevent danger situations. Caregivers and family members will be able to track their patients and loved ones using geofencing technologies in order to know when they leave or enter a given area, the speed they are travelling, send them notifications that will appear on the watch and even call them. They will be able to create safe areas, unsafe areas and alarms when the Follow.Me device leaves a given location or when it arrives at a given place.

Project partners

Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica

University and Emergency Hospital of Bucharest


Austrian Institute of Technology




LiCalab vzw

Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg vzw

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