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Dementia Prevention: Imaging risk in primary care and catalysing behaviour change


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Based on scientific findings from University of Oxford, and combined with the latest neuroimaging technologies, Mind over Matter is developing a ground-breaking technological solution to ignite and support a global dementia prevention movement.The low-cost technology comprises three parts:1. A headband with a small number of novel neuroimaging sensors, to allow the level of brain inflammation – a biomarker of future dementia risk – to be inferred completely non-invasively and in the ubiquitous primary care / general practice setting.2. Clinical software which combines this assessment of brain inflammation levels with an assessment of the individual’s clinical risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, smoking habits, exercise levels, eating habits, etc.) to generate a personalised score of their risk for developing dementia in later life.3. An intelligent behavioural change app prescribed to the individuals assessed as being at greatest risk of developing dementia in the future, supporting the individual to optimise their lifestyle so that they reduce this risk by up to 50%. The major objective of this Phase 1 SME Instrument feasibility project is to answer the following questions, progressing from technology readiness level (TRL) 3 to 5:Technical Question: “Does the unique information about an individual’s risk for developing dementia available from measuring brain inflammation using the headband (as compared to the information available from knowing clinical risk factors only) increase predictive power sufficiently for clinicians to prescribe a dementia prevention strategy?” Commercial Question: “Could the total solution be manufactured for a price that potential customers would be willing to pay?” The major output is a business plan that draws on the answers to these technical and commercial questions to design and prepare for the Phase 2 project. The Phase 2 project would last 24 months and develop the technology from TRL 5 to 7.

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Mind Over Matter Medtech Ltd

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