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Biomarker based diagnosis of rapid progressive dementias – optimisation of diagnostic protocols.


Start Date
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Total Funding
€ 2 200 000
Funding Programme

DEMTEST has established a large European and global collaboration between national surveillance units and dementia research centres, facilitating cooperation between neurologists, neuropathologists and neuroscientists. We work on standardisation of tests that are currently available and harmonise their use between centers worldwide. We define standards for biochemically based diagnosis in most relevant rapid progressive dementia such as CJD and rapidly progressive Alzheimer’s disease. We will improve innovative methods for amplification assays for mis-folded proteins and introduce their use into clinical routine. As an add-on value, we will define criteria for early differential diagnosis between rapidly progressive neurodegenerative or potentially reversible dementia.

Project partners

University Medical Center Göttingen
Heinrich Heine University Medical School Düsseldorf
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Hopital Lariboisiere AP-HP
Aristotle University of Thessalonik
niversity “Sapienza'
Medical University of Lodz
University of Coimbra
Slovak Medical University Bratislava
University Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana
Carlos III National Health Institute
IFIMAV and CIBERNED University Hospital
Swedish Institute of Communicable Disease Control
University Hospital Zürich
University College London
Western General Hospital

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