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Alzheimer Europe 2018

Start Date
End Date
Total Funding
€ 472 785
Funding Programme
European Countries Involved

As part of its 2018 operating grant, Alzheimer Europe will aim to:

  • Provide a voice to people with dementia by carrying out an inventory and analysis of existing working groups of people with dementia, their membership, working methods and findings and producing a report with the findings and identified good practices;
  • Make dementia a European priority by comparing and analysing differences and commonalities contained in the priority actions and themes of national dementia strategies and providing a comparative report with the key findings;
  • Promote a rights-based approach to dementia by identifying the issues faced by people with dementia, carers and professional carers coming from ethnic, cultural and religious minorities as the priority of its European Dementia Ethics Network, carrying out an extensive literature review and analysis of existing initiatives on this subject and producing a report with the key findings and recommendations;
  • Support dementia research by developing an online database of phase II and phase III clinical trials on Alzheimer's disease and dementia, by continuing the development of its European Dementia Observatory and by organising a conference in Barcelona from 27-29 October with at least 500 participants from 30 European countries;
  • Strengthen the European dementia movement by carrying out a mapping exercise of organisations with an interest in dementia, developing a networking strategy and by organising the Alzheimer's Association Academy with capacity-building workshops for its national member organisations.


The activities undertaken as part of Alzheimer Europe’s 2018 Work Plan are fully aligned with key EU programmes and respond to the calls made by successive EU Presidencies for greater European collaboration on dementia. In particular, the organisation will ensure to respond to the detailed 2015 Council conclusions and support the work of the 2nd Joint Action on dementia and the Group of governmental experts on dementia.

Project partners

Alzheimer Europe

Alzheimer Europe's database on research projects was developed as part of the 2020 Work Plan which received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014–2020).