Alzheimer Europe has strived to make dementia a political priority at a European level, reflecting the commitments contained within the Paris Delcaration (2006) and the Glasgow Declaration (2014). Alzheimer Europe seeks to do this through engagement with different policy- and decision- makers at an EU level.

In this section, you will find information and resources from some of the work undertaken and supported by Alzheimer Europe to ensure dementia is given the focus it deserves, as well as key programmes of work delivered by the European Union and the World Health Orgnanization (WHO) on dementia.


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Alzheimer Europe has undertaken a number of high-profile campaigns in recent years to prioritise dementia.
The European Union has committed to prioritising dementia in different ways, including two Join Actions (ALCOVE and Act on Dementia).
An increasing number of countries have produced national dementia strategies to improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers.
As part of its Global Action Plan on Dementia 2017-25, the World Health Organization (WHO) has produced a number of resources to support countries.
The European Alzheimer's Alliance is a cross-party group of MEPs who are committed to providing support to prioritise dementia as a political priority at an EU level.
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From time to time, Alzheimer Europe develops and publishes position papers on relevant topics, in response to developing situations or formal consultation processes.
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