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The Welsh Assembly voted unanimously for a Dementia Plan in July 2008, with the National Dementia Vision for Wales (written with the Alzheimer's Society) launched in February 2011, supported by GBP 1.5 million each year to support and implement the vision. In 2015, the Welsh Government also published A Dementia Friendly Nation outlining its work in relation to dementia.

On 14 February 2018, Health Secretary, Vaughan Gething launched the National Dementia Action Plan for Wales, with a dedicated budget of GBP 10 million.

Outline of strategy

The strategy notes that the Government is a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration and its aims.

The strategy sets out seven outcomes, which it seeks to achieve through dedicated actions. The seven outcomes are:

  1. Individuals will understand the steps they can take to reduce their risk, or delay the onset, of dementia
  2. The wider population understands the challenges faced by people living with dementia and are aware of the actions they can take to support them
  3. People are aware of the early signs of dementia; the importance of a timely diagnosis; and know where to go to get help
  4. More people are diagnosed earlier, enabling them to plan for the future and access early support and care if needed
  5. Those diagnosed with dementia and their carers and families are able to receive person-centred care and support which is flexible
  6. Research is supported to help us better understand the causes and management of dementia and enables people living with dementia, including families and carers, to be co-researchers
  7. Staff have the skills to help them identify people with dementia and to feel confident and competent in supporting individual’s needs post-diagnosis

Further information

Further information on dementia policy in Wales can be found at: https://gov.wales/dementia

You can download the National Dementia Action Plan below.