On 19 June, the Portuguese Health Ministry launched the Health Strategy for Dementia (Act of the Minister of Health nº 5988/2018).

The launch of the Strategy was the fulfillment of an agreement during the last meeting between the Secretary of State Assistant and of Health, Professor Fernando Araújo and Alzheimer Portugal. It also follows the recommendations included in the document: “Bases for the Definition of Public Policies in the Field of Dementia”, which Alzheimer Portugal helped to develop.

Outline of the strategy

The strategy is solely concerned with the approach dementia in relation to healthcare.

The Strategy states the principles of care for people with dementia, criteria for prevention, early detection, availability of clinical and comprehensive diagnosis, therapeutic intervention at primary, hospital and specialised care, clarifying the care pathway based on ethical principles, proximity, availability, equity and continuity.

To facilitate in implementation of the national strategy, Regional Dementia Plans will be developed and launched, taking into consideration specificities of each region, in addition to the aligning with the National Health Plan and the National Mental Health Plan.

Further information on the implementation

Further information on dementia policy in Portugal can be found at: https://www.sns.gov.pt/?s=Dem%C3%AAncias&header_search%5B0%5D=yes

You download the strategy (in Portuguese) below.