The Flanders' dementia plan was renewed on 8 July 2016 and ran until 2019.

It built upon the the previous Dementia Plan 2010-2014 was complemented by a Flemish government campaign to establish a different view of dementia and to put the person with dementia in the spotlight (Forget Dementia Remember the Person).

Outline of the strategy

The strategy outlined eight key themes to improve the experience of people living with dementia in Flanders:

  1. A nuanced perception [of dementia] as a condition for a human dementia policy
  2. The concept of the dementia-friendly municipality as a specialisation of an age-friendly policy
  3. Health lifestyles and health living environments in order to reduce the risk of dementia
  4. Increasing the autonomy of the individual with dementia and their caregiver
  5. Coordinated and targted care and custom support throughout the entire dementia process
  6. Paying attention to people who develop dementia at a young age, recognising the specific care and support needs
  7. Stimulating scientific research in terms of dementia and care for people living with dementia
  8. Education and training

The Flemish Expert Centre on Dementia Care monitored this plan as a partner organisation of the Flemish Authorities and there will also be collaboration with the Alzheimer Association of Flanders.

Further information

Further information on the dementia plan and related dementia work in Flanders can be found at:

The Flanders dementia plan (in English) can be downloaded below.