Second EU Health Programme

The Second EU Health Programme was the main instrument to support health policy coordination to implement the EU’s 2008-2013 health strategy Together for health in line with the priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The overall aim of the Programme was to complement, support and add value to Member States’ policies and contribute to increased solidarity and prosperity in the European Union by protecting and promoting human health and safety and improving
public health.

The Programme financed action geared to achieving three main objectives:

  1. Improving citizens’ health security and protecting them from health threats and emergencies, such as pandemics or natural disasters
  2. Promoting health and reducing health inequalities across Europe, whether relating to lifestyle, such as access to opportunities for physical activity, or to health care, such as access to the necessary medical intervention
  3. Generating health information and health knowledge and disseminating them to relevant parties, from the general public to policymakers and health professionals.

Alzheimer Europe received an Operating Grant from this Programme, whilst the first Joint Action on Dementia (ALCOVE) was also funded by the Programme.