Past projects

This page provides an overview of projects Alzheimer Europe has been involved in.

ADDP pursued the ambitious aim of developing a digital tool to improve the detection of AD.
The ADAIR project aimed to provide insight about the effects of air pollutants on the brain.
 AMYPAD project logo square
The AMYPAD project aimed to improve the diagnostic workup of patients suspected to have Alzheimer's disease.
The bPRIDE project aimed to generate and validate blood tests for early and specific diagnosis of the major dementia types.
The main aim of DISTINCT was to develop a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional, intersectorial education & training research framework for Europe.
The EU-FINGERS consortium aimed to work towards a novel multimodal precision prevention toolbox,
The main aim of MIRIADE was to train a new generation of scientists that become experts in effective development of novel biomarkers for dementia.
NEURONET's aim was to set up a platform to boost synergy & collaboration across the Innovative Medicines Initiative projects of the Neurodegenerative Disorders portfolio,
 PRODEMOS project logo square
PRODEMOS aimed to make an evidence-based dementia prevention strategy using mobile Health accessible to those at increased risk of dementia.
The RADAR-AD project focused on the use of mobile and digital technologies to improve the assessment of Alzheimer's disease.
SPAN+ aimed to develop an empowerment intervention tailored for individuals with dementia, both at home and in care homes.
VirtualBrainCloud created a cloud-based brain simulation platform to support personalised diagnostics & treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.