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European Federation of NeuroRehabilitation Societies


Partnership type
Memorandum of Understanding

Renngasse 12
1010 Vienna


The European Federation of NeuroRehabilitation Societies (EFNR) is an international, nonpartisan, non-denominational, nonprofit organization, dedicated to research, education, intellectual and scientific exchange, advocacy and philanthropic activities in the field of NeuroRehabilitation medicine and related professional areas of expertise.

The EFNR was created as an international umbrella organization for national and regional NeuroRehabilitation organizations and medical societies that were seeking an effective consolidated European-wide outreach, combined with a universal approach and strategy.

Founded in the year 2009 and confirmed in 2010 during the world congress of NeuroRehabilitation by the international community, the organization and its secretariat were determined to be permanently headquartered in Vienna. Austria’s national capital, being the host city to one of the four United Nations’ worldwide headquarters, is not just an ideal international hub for high-profile meetings but also provides for a great infrastructure to efficiently connect member entities on a mutual basis.

The EFNR mainly consists of committed individuals – medical professional from all over Europe – who volunteer their time and put a lot of effort into promoting a common cause, fostering international relations and promoting scientific research and education with a clear objective: making patients’ lives more livable!

Jean Georges is representing Alzheimer Europe in collaborating with EFNR.