The Alzheimer’s Disease Detect and Prevent project (ADDP) arrives on the scene at an exciting time for brain health research. In keeping with recent changes in the conceptualisation of and terminology related to Alzheimer’s disease (AD), ADDP is pursuing the ambitious aim of developing a digital tool to improve the detection of AD prior to the possible onset of AD dementia and combining this with programmes for reducing lifestyle risk factors related to developing AD dementia.

The project officially started on 1 November 2018 and is a 2-year project. It has a budget of EUR 3.5 million, distributed across 6 partners, with Danish digital therapeutics company Brain+ leading the consortium. Alzheimer Europe is a partner in this project and is contributing towards the communication and the involvement activities. The latter, is being accomplished by means of a Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) approach.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme – Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), grant agreement 820636.