Mr Gianni’s Space Adventures. An interactive story about dementia (Italy)

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APSP “Beato de Tschiderer”, represented by Dr Marianna Riello and artist Marco Tabilio


APSP “Beato de Tschiderer” Via Piave, 108 38122 Trento, Italy


+39 340 608 9983




Mr. Gianni is the protagonist of the cartoon. He walks around the city with rather confused ideas and thoughts. The cartoon is interactive since it will be the spectators to decide how to help him and where to direct him. In this way the spectator has the possibility to reflect on his own about how to approach the person with dementia, developing awareness about the disease. The cartoon represents various scenes of daily life and the audience is sent to choose how they would behave towards the person with dementia through multiple choices. Through the cartoon we want to convey the meaning that there is no right and wrong but only a better way to approach to dementia which is determined by the particularity of the situations (presence of cognitive and behavioural symptoms, type of person with dementia, risks, environmental possibilities, etc.) The goals are: to make the citizens aware of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, to overcome stigma, to grow a community that is ready and active in welcoming people with dementia. To reach as many people as possible, a pop medium such as a cartoon was chosen. In addition, two distribution channels were chosen: a youtube channel and projection during live social events. The latter mode was chosen as the most suitable one, because the interaction takes place in the public between many people at the same time, and between the public and the creators of the cartoon; opportunities for discussion are created and citizens are invited to bring their opinions and interact. The mission of the project is to create an informed, active and prejudice-free community that feels responsible and caring towards people with dementia.