Lotan ja papan koronalaulut, YouTube channel (Finland)

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Lotta ja Jorma Saahko


Contact in Alzheimer Society of Finland /Muistiliitto:
Anne Leinonen, anne.leinonen@muistiliitto.fi,
tel +358447278715








When Covid-19 pandemic started, Lotta Saahko moved from London to Finland to live with her grandfather (in Finnish Pappa), Jorma Saahko. Together they started a YouTube channel called “Lotan ja papan koronalaulut” where they publish videos of them singing Finnish traditional songs and sharing stories of their life. Pandemic was isolating to many, and the channel quickly grew a large audience. In August 2022 they have 25 800 subscribers.

Lotta and Pappa are loved because their videos are genuine and joyful. For many they have brought little escape from the pandemic. In early 2021 Jorma Saahko was diagnosed with a memory-related disease. Since Lotta ja Jorma had been open about their lives, they didn’t want to hide this from their viewers either. Together with the Alzheimer Society of Finland they created a video in which they talk about the diagnosis and life after it.

The video was published in August 2021. In the video they talk about the situation honestly, but still with positive attitude. The video became one of their most viewed ones. Now a year later it has been watched over 82 500 times. There are also hundreds of comments left on their channel and Facebook page.