Forget dementia, remember the person (Belgium)

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Flanders Centre of Expertise on Dementia


Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen vzw

Pastoor van de Wouwerstraat 2, 2600 Antwerpen, Belgium


+32 486 40 78 41




The emancipatory story of the campaign "Forget dementia, remember the person" forms one of the foundations of the Dementia Strategy of Flanders (Belgium) and is written together with people with dementia and their caregivers, Their vision is the beating heart of the campaign: respectful communication is the basis for person centred care and an inclusive society. The campaign resulted therefore in the first ever "working group of people with dementia" in Flanders.

With the campaign we had a clear ambition: give more power to the people. Personal experiences were the heart and soul of this movement. Through the grassroots strategy we also wanted to break down the wall between (in)formal care and the rest of society, bridge gaps between generations, urge for respectful communication, smash stereotypes and sustain and maximize existing dementia-friendly efforts and engagement.