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The Courage to Grow Old & S.M.A.K.


Bie Hinnekint

Sparrestraat 49/003 – 9000 Gent-Belgium






“DEMO-MEMO creates poetry with the thoughts of people with Alzheimers disease/dementia in front of artworks in a public space:  the museum. People with Alzheimers in duo with their partner, loved ones are invited together. DEMO-MEMO values the toughts of people living with dementia and be a ‘stage’ to show the world the valuable of their thougts. The DEMO-MEMO collaboration with S.M.A.K. museum Gent since 2016 is a cooperation with Bie Hinnekint, the creator of DEMO-MEMO and a musician and volunteer guide in the museum, young students in social studies and arts. During Corona, 2021 in a cross-over collaboration with two musicians, four DEMO-MEMO Soundpoems where made, you can listen here: DEMO-MEMO is intended to empower those with Alzheimers disease , but also to help their families cope with the disease.

Through the workshops, caregivers begin understanding how people with dementia experience the world. “This helps them form a new connection with their loved one and even feel proud!” They meet other duo’s and make even new friends. During the DEMO-MEMO workshop in the museum, sitting comfortably in front of the artwork, the caregivers are asked to remain silent. All attention is directed at what the participants with dementia think and say. A scriptor always transcribes everything that is said, and from the transcript, Bie Hinnekint creates a poem with the participants exact words, thoughts , which is then read aloud to the participants with dementia. Their appreciation is the only test if the poem reflects their thoughts by the artwork. In almost seven years of running the workshops, DEMO-MEMO has compiled a series of 54 poems, made by over 300 people. Bie Hinnekint, the creator of DEMO-MEMO ‘s goal is 100 poems.