Creating a Dementia Inclusive Generation (Ireland)

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The Alzheimer Society of Ireland


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Temple Road


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The programme is called “Creating a Dementia Inclusive Generation”.  The programme aims to promote healthy ageing and good brain health and to recognise the important contribution that older people and people living with dementia make to society. It is estimated that nearly one in three young people know someone with a dementia. There are two learning elements to this Programme Dementia Awareness E-Learning Programme – “The Brain” and “The Peer Educator” Programme”. The programme aims  to complement elements of ‘Wellbeing’ education in schools, to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of how the brain works, to strengthen students’ capacity to understand the perspective of a person living with dementia, and to provide opportunities for debate and discussion.

The learning outcomes from the Peer Educator Programme are to learn the following:

1. The main symptoms and causes of dementia and what it might be like to live with dementia,

2. The impact of dementia on families and caregivers.

3. How positive relationships can improve the lives of people living with dementia,

4. The importance of the community in supporting those living with dementia.

The aim of the peer education programme is that the young participants will educate others across their community and ultimately raise significant awareness of Dementia right across the population and help eliminate the stigma of Dementia. The overall aims and objective of this programme is to create a Dementia Inclusive generation by educating the youth population with regards to Dementia hence creating an understanding of the impact of Dementia not only on the people living with dementia but also on the lives of others. The programme will empower the youth of today to become ambassadors for a Dementia Inclusive World removing the stigma around Dementia.