Workshop on Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Diseases taking place at BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Centre in May - Register before 24 March!


A workshop is planned to take place from 15 to 19 May 2023, at BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Centre, with the aim of providing a comprehensive overview of the dynamic field of biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease. Biomarkers are increasingly required for effective research into neurodegenerative diseases. They are critical for diagnosis, disease monitoring and will be key for measuring target engagement of disease modifying therapies. PhD students working in the field of neurodegeneration require a working knowledge of a range of biomarkers to correctly interpret scientific literature and to design and conduct successful and ambitious research studies. BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center, University College London, and University of Gothenburg are leading international centres with complementary expertise in fluid and imaging biomarkers. This collaboration would be expected to strengthen the quality of biomarker training across the different institutions and beyond, as well as fostering new research collaborations and providing delegates with outstanding networking opportunities. Registrations close on 24 March 2023.

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